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An aptitude test is a way for employers to assess a candidate’s abilities through a variety of different testing formats. Aptitude tests will test your ability to perform tasks and react to situations at work. This includes problem-solving, prioritization, and numerical skills, amongst other things. The psychometric tests are multiple-choice and there is only ever one correct answer, your score is then marked and your level is compared against other candidates who have taken the same test as you. There are free tests online that you can take to gauge what sort of questions to expect when taking an aptitude test.

Our recruitment consultants help you prepare for every stage of the interview process, including the aptitude test. In the world of work today, organizations typically run multiple interview stages to make sure that the candidate they hire is the perfect person for the role.

Why and how do you take an aptitude test?🤔🤔🤔

Aptitude tests are a great way for a hiring manager to gauge a candidate’s suitability for a role. They are a tool used to see how candidates might deal with the challenges of the role they are interviewing for.

Aptitude tests are usually done via an online platform, however, businesses may invite you into the office to take these tests too. This depends on their recruitment processes.

Types of aptitude tests😊

There are several aptitude tests that a business can administer to candidates.

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning — Tests your ability of logical reasoning, using diagrams and flowcharts.
  • Numerical Reasoning — Tests your mathematical ability through percentages, averages, and the like.
  • Verbal Reasoning — Assesses your ability to assess verbal logic.
  • Inductive Reasoning — Tests your ability to see patterns and analyze data, in a pressurized environment.
  • Situational Judgement — Tests your problem-solving ability.
  • Logical Reasoning — Tests your ability to recognize patterns, sequences, or relationships between shapes and imagery.
  • Abstract Reasoning — These are similar to IQ tests and assess general knowledge, and the ability to utilize your knowledge in new situations.

Aptitude test questions

The questions that you will be asked in an aptitude test will vary based on the type of role you are applying for. They may ask you to identify a missing number, shape, or image at the end of a series, or they might give you a written scenario that you will answer questions. Verbal aptitude tests are formatted with ‘true’, ‘false’, and ‘can’t say as the answers.

Whether the questions are mathematical or problem-solving-based, they are designed to test your ability to process information quickly. This can be useful for hiring managers who are looking for data analysts across all levels.

Preparing for an aptitude test😇

The best advice we can give you if you know that you will be required to take an aptitude test is to practice beforehand. Ask your recruitment consultant or the organization you are interviewing for what type of aptitude test you will be taking, then practice them online. It is never certain what questions you will be asked throughout the testing process, however, if you become familiar with the types of questions you will be presented with alongside the time constraints, we believe you will be best prepared to ace your aptitude test and land your dream job.

If you are preparing for an interview yourself, why not browse the job interview tips section of our website, our recruitment consultants have provided expert advice from experience, to help you in your job search. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today.


1.An exam was conducted and the following was analyzed. 4 men were able to check some exam papers in 8 days working 5 hours regularly. What is the total number of hours taken by 2 men in 20 days to check double the number of exam papers?

Answer: 8 hours


  1. Assuming that 1 unit of work is done in 1 hour
    Let’s calculate the total number of working hours:
    => 4 * 8 * 5 = 160 units
    Now the work is doubled:
    => 160 * 2 = 320 units
    Let ‘x’ be the number of hours taken by 2 men to complete the work in 20 days.
    => 2 * 20 * x = 320
    => x = 8 hours (Answer).

2. The numbers from 101 to 150 are written as, 101102103104105…146147148149150. What will be the remainder when this total number is divided by 3?
Answer: 2
The divisibility rule for 3 is that the sum of all digits of a number should be divisible by 3. Let’s calculate the sum of the digits:
There are 50 1’s (unit place) = 50
There are 10 1’s (tens place) = 10
There are 10 2’s (tens place) = 20
There are 10 3’s (tens place) = 30
There are 10 4’s (tens place) = 40
There is one 5 (tens place) = 5
For each number 1 to 9, there are 5 sets of sum 45(1+2+…+9) = 225
=> So sum of all digits = 380
=> 380 / 3 = 2 (Answer)

3. If the alphabets are written in the sequence of a, bb, ccc, dddd, eeeee, ffffff, …. What will be the 120th letter?
Answer: O
It can be seen that the letter are in AP sequence, So applying the formula we get,

We find that n = 15 fits the equation
The 15th letter in the English alphabet = O
So the 15th term contains O.

4. There is a tank whose 1/7 th part is filled with fuel. If 22 liters of fuel is poured into the tank, the indicator rises to 1/5 th mark of the tank. So what is the total capacity of the tank?
Answer: 385
Let the total capacity of the tank be ‘x’ liters.
According to the question,
=> x/7 + 22 = x/5
=> x/5 — x/7 = 22
=> x = 385 litres(Answer)

5. How many prime numbers lie between 3 and 100 (excluding the values) that satisfies the condition:

  • 4x + 1
  • 5y — 1

Answer: 2
There are 23 prime numbers between 3 and 100 (excluding the values) of which all are odd.
For 5y — 1 to be odd, 5y must be even
For 5y to be even y should be even.
Taking y as 2 we get 5y — 1 as 9.
Now looking at all those prime numbers ending at 9 = 9, 19, 29, 39, 59, 79, 89
Out of these, the numbers satisfying both the equations(integer is assumed) are 9, 29, and 89.
We cannot consider 9 as it violates the constraint of the number should be greater than 3.
Therefore answer is 2 (29 and 89)

6. In the given figure, find the ratio of the area of the square to the area of the triangle:

7. a) 3:2
b) 2:3
c) 2:1
d) 1:2
Answer: c) 2:1
Let the side of the square be ‘2’ units
Area of the square = (side)² = = 4 unit
Side of triangle, using Pythagoras Theorem = unit
Height of triangle = side of square (Using Pythagorean theorem)
Area of triangle = 1/2 * base * height
here, base = height = side
Area of triangle = 1/2 * (side)²
=> 1/2 *2 * 2
=> 2 units
Therefore the ratio = 4:2
=> 2:1 (Answers)

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Gomathi Keerthana.R.S.

Studying B.TECH(IT) at VCET Madurai.

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